The Lions Club Den Haag Universal consists of men and women of different nationalities, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. They are professionals in their own field, who celebrate diversity as a means to enrich their own life in Holland. Mostly spoken is English, as is Dutch. German and French are sometimes used by several members.


The mission of our Lions Club is in line with the mission of the Lions all over the world:
We help people in need.


The Club members operate together in friendship to realize Dutch and International projects. We achieve this through fundraising activities as well as hands on activities. Using our network and at the same time creating new networks, we achieve our aims for projects in Holland with an international character, as well as projects in other countries.

Twice a month we meet eachother at de Haagsche Golf and Country Club in Wassenaar. Each 2nd Tuesday ot the month we discuss and decide about the progress of our projects. Each 4th Tuesday of the month is a socializing diner, and presentations about various topics. On both days we start at 19.30 hrs. 

Do want you like to serve the community and join us in friendship? Do you like to dress in style once in a while?  Would you like to meet other internationals who live in Holland as you do? Then we will wholeheartedly welcome you. Our mailaddress is


  • De Eendracht 2019

    Companies can have a wonderful day at sea for teambuilding and at the same time support young people with cancer.

  • International Music afternoon

    An afternoon with international music and sketches to support young people with cancer

  • Malaika kids

    Winetasting party for our longterm project Malaika kids in Tanzania