Our Lions Club Den Haag Universal consists of men and women of different nationalities, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. They are professionals in their own field, who celebrate diversity as a means to enrich their own life. English is the formal language, Dutch, German and French are also spoken.


The mission of our Lions Club is in line with the mission of the Lions all over the world:
We help people in need

Each year we undertake several activities to support others: local, national or international. How? With our own network and by creating new networks. The clubmembers together decide which good cause is supported, and in which way.

Friendship is the base of our gatherings, we enjoy eachothers company in the midst of our busy lives. Our meetings at the restaurant of the Haagsche Golf and Country Club in Wassenaar starts at 19.30 hrs. Each 2nd Tuesday of the month we discuss the progress of our projects. Each 4th Tuesday everybody joins at diner, combined with presentations about various topics.