Children's books for Surinam - 2021
Coronacrises? A coronaproof solution was found, instead of our regular activities. At our request we got 1200 new children's books  donated, for schoolchildren in Surinam. Our Dutch Lions members also donated many second hand books for grown ups. The economic situation is disastrous in Surinam and books are expensive. Through corporation with Lionsclub Felice in Paramaribo, the children's books were distributed at schools. Also our wonderful coorporation with the Chietsana Foundation for transport and the distribution of second hand books, made this a project we all enjoyed, on both sides of the ocean.

International music afternoon - 2
We organized a wonderful afternoon with sketches and international music for everyone to enjoy. The musicians from the International Music Academy in The Hague were a guarantee for high quality and diversity. While enjoying this in the beautiful 'Waalse kerk' in the Hague,
visitors at the same time supported the AYA foundation. AYA's are adolescents and young adults in the age from 18 - 35 years, who are
diagnosticied with cancer and need specific help.

Winetasting party for Malaika kids in Tanzania - 2019

The outstanding quality of the presented wines, the colourful presentations, and the ambiance was a guarantee for the perfect party. Which was enthousiastic agreed by the 100 participants. With this party we again supported Malaika Kids, a foundation that rescues orphans from the streets of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. They find a home at Malaika Kids, get educated and supported throughout their lives. One of our acquaintances travels several times a year to Tanzania, to see how they are all doing and what is needed.

Former projects

Fundraising for Mamma Rosa (a Dutch foundation which supports women from various cultures who have breast cancer)
Immaterial services for NEBO (a nursing home for elderly people)
Fundraising for Stichting SAM (a foundation which helps children with Down Syndrome by means of dolphin therapy)
Help for Xenia (Foundation offering sheltering and palliative care for young people suffering from incurable diseases)

The Bundung Vocational Training Centre in Gambia: fundraising for the procurement of their computers
An orphanage in Slovakia: fundraising for the construction of a new garden with a playground and the extension of the actual orphanage building
The Crèche Bethlehem, an orphanage in Palestine
Helping homeless children and adults in Guatemala
Assistance for a hotel in Peru, which takes care of unemployed people