Lions Club Den Haag Universal is one of the Dutch Lions Clubs, who are part of Lions Clubs International.

Worldwide 1.4 million members in 190 countries are dedicated to help people who need support. In their own community, on a national scale, or on an international scale.The Lions organization is a big, big network.


On an international scale the Lions organization donates funds in case of disasters. For example, on March 19th tyfoon Idai caused destruction in South East Africa. The Disaster Relief Fund of Lions International donated a large sum for the puration of drinking water and provide for other necessary livelihoods. The rescue team reports day to day to the coordinator. The lines are short; the money goes to the right places. That is the strength of the Lions network.


On a national scale the Dutch Lions Organization stimulates all Dutch Lions Clubs to invest in specific aims. Successes are:
The fight against plastic in Dutch waters (out to sea) through actions and courses Plastic Soup Challenge at schools
The collection of points on coffee and tea, exchanged in real coffee for people with a low income from De Voedselbank.
The collection of old or foreign money, changed into Dutch currency to support Fight for Sight
Each spring all Lions clubs actively find funds to support a national good cause.